About Iron Sun Ltd.

Ironsun Construction Ltd.

Focused On the Future

‘Iron Sun’ is a family Proudly Serving Western Canada Since 2013.

We offer specialized service for many industries including the following:
  • Architectural Building Envelope Roofing & Cladding
  • Structural Steel Erection & Decking
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings & Precast
  • Industrial facility construction and maintenance
Iron Sun Construction is a Grande Prairie based structural steel erection, rigging, and hoisting company serving Western Canada. Our aim is to provide a safety wise and competitive service in these fields. The owners of Iron Sun Construction bring over 40 years of combined experience in the Ironworker trade. This experience entails industrial steel erection, heavy lifts, time sensitive shutdowns in Oil and Gas, Mill Construction, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Hospitals and the list goes on. Iron Sun aspires to provide best-in-class service for all construction industries and endeavors to the highest standards in safety, quality and scope management. We aim to deliver a cost effective project on schedule and on budget every single time. Armed with this experience and knowledge, we have developed a skill set rooted in safety, quality, and economy that lends itself to professionalism. This calibre of professionalism is what we bring to every job: big or small.







“Safely Rising to New Heights”

The key to project Completion success

Areas Of Expertise.

Specializing in heavy rigging, structural erection and mechanical assembly. Providing services in the Oil and Gas Sector and other industrial settings. Rigging & Building Erection Services 41% Architectural Building Envelope 28% Pre-Engineered Buildings & Precast 17% Industrial facility construction and maintenance 14% With proper planning and a focus on safety, every project can be completed in a safe and timely manner. This mentality helps to keep projects on budget and on schedule. Our dedication to a safe work site can be proven through our partnership with the AASP to achieve and maintain our Certificate of Recognition